Bookings increased by 27% through A/B testing

    The Challenge

    One of the many challenges the holiday industry is faced with is the inability to display holiday break prices to customers before they decide to enter their booking details. Prices always vary, as they are all determined by the user’s personal selection (such as dates, duration of stay, party size, etc). However, online customers will always expect to get a price estimation before entering their own details.

    Aware of these concerns, Butlin’s has created a ‘Get A Quote’ page, where the holiday costs are presented as an average price per person. Knowing this was an inaccurate figure, Butlin’s was keen to investigate other ways to be more transparent and realistic about break prices, with
    the aim of decreasing drop-offs in the funnel potentially caused by price confusion.

    The Solution

    As part of the UX-Driven A/B/multivariate testing contract with Butlin’s, RedEye designed and A/B tested a new pricing approach, whereby the holiday breaks showed how much users would typically pay based on a family of four - with 2 adults and 2 children – rather than on a per person basis.

    Usability testing had shown how users were confused by the current display of pricing and therefore RedEye was confident that optimising this area would improve the user experience and increase the number of bookings.

    Hypothesis: Displaying the price for a family of 4, rather than per person throughout the user journey on the site, will help give greater transparency of the holiday costs and increase propensity to purchase.

    Control: Price Per Person, displayed as “PP”. For instance: £50 pp.

    Variation: Price for all occupants, displayed as “For 2 Adults & 2 Kids”.
    For instance: £200 for 2 adults and 2 kids.

    The Results

    In the pricing grid, presenting the total price for a family of 4 rather than a price per person increased bookings by 26.55% and revenue by 19.23%.

    By being more upfront about true holiday pricing, RedEye was able to optimise the checkout funnel: the new pricing structure built confidence in the site for all family holiday makers and increased chances of them converting further down the funnel. Additionally, the data showed substantial engagement uplift with the different resorts and dates filters,
    revealing a true intent to browse for users who understood typical holiday break costs.

    The insights generated through initial usability testing have highlighted key opportunities to improve the user experience and increase the booking conversion rate, which RedEye was able to turn into real and actionable A/B/n testing ideas’. Now, instead of debating what option we think would work, we can test all the options and find out exactly the solution that works best for our customers. RedEye’s UX-Driven approach to testing is the perfect match for Butlin’s as we’re such a customer-centric organisation. I can’t wait to see the results of the next test.

    Online Conversion Manager



    Increase in bookings when price displayed per family


    Increase in revenue from variation


    of consumers more likely to purchase if offered personalised experiences

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